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God's Breath Guided Meditation Method

God's Breath Guided Meditation Method

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In this course...
  • God's breath meditation technique instructions (mp3 Audio 9:34)
  • God's breath guided meditation with music (mp3 Audio 41.23)

Are you suffering from...

  • Sickness, Disease and Pain?
  • Fatigue, Lack of energy?
  • Stress, Worry & Anxiety?
  • Feeling Spiritually Disconnected?
  • Can't relax and quiet your mind?

Now you can start experiencing...

  • Accelerated healing and body regeneration
  • Divine peace, clarity and insight
  • Raise your frequency and vibration!
  • Light body and third eye activation 
  • Connect and travel to higher realms
  • Attract abundance into every area of your life

God's Breath is a simple, yet powerful guided meditation...

Practice for as little as 10-20 minutes a day
Easy to follow, just listen to the sound

Personally practiced and perfected by David Sereda for over 35 years to help you shortcut to your deepest and most profound meditations you have ever experienced!!

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    "This is pure genius! We have a priceless treasure here! Do you want to turn your system on and become functional as an evolved being? Step right up, your lucky day has arrived! The work contained herein is of the highest caliber to be found, better than the secret! This is more than a concept or a way to process information, it is a way to tune and upgrade your body and mind with your higher consciousness and energy bodies. This is it, the keys to mastery and expansion on a level that has never been done before. The elevation and potential value of this program cannot be praised enough. I feel infinite gratitude for being blessed so delightfully when I stumbled upon it at just the right time! If you have found your way here you are blessed and invited to try it for free! Though I cannot recommend getting the full year program enough as I am extremely satisfied that I chose to!"

    -Merlee B.

    I am not new to the concept of frequency and the many ways it can be used. There are many practioners using sound in various ways for healing, relaxation, awareness, and raising vibrations. Quantum Regenisis is however, is one of a kind. Each lesson is expertly executed and the workbooks are beautiful. This is powerful stuff and you would think it might require a great deal of time. So if you are ready to expand your spiritual awareness and have a wonderful experience, Quantum Regenisis just might be the answer. This course will fit into even the busiest of schedules and yeild significant impact. You will love it and be so glad you decided to join the many others that have had incredible experiences of conscious awareness and healing.

    -Karen M.

    Doing your meditation course first month with my son.  Wow Love it, totally takes you out of this 3D reality everything runs so much more smoothly during the day, feeling stronger, free, happy, things that used to trouble me have dissipated I realize none of it matters or is even real.
    Love you David thank you so much for all you are doing.Kind Regards
    -Raewyn M.

    "The regenesis course helped me turn my life around: enlivens my body, and nourishes my soul."
    -Brandon J.

    "Yes your quantum communication video changed my whole concept on life thank you"
    -Stephen James

    "I had a powerful spiritual experience listening to your audios about Jesus and Mary Magdalene."
    -Sean C.

    "Quantum Communication is possibly the most impacting documentary I've ever seen."
    -Michael Trowbridge