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david sereda pendant source Hematite

SOURCE - Hematite

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A stone strongly used for stability and protection. A simple and protective crystal grid that can be put on corners of a room or property. A powerful and strong energy which helps develop focus and concentration and also has cooling and calming effect.

The stone’s energy has a grounding force that strongly vibrates at the base chakra. Provides assistance of the logical thought process which enhances self confidence, self esteem and will power.

Hematite is a very powerful, grounding and magnetic vibration. Hematite is an iron ore. Hematite can help circulatory problems, in particular Reynaud’s Disease. It can also be useful in cases of anaemia, helping the body to absorb iron into the small intestine and form red blood cells. It can help the kidneys to cleanse the blood and also renews body tissues. However, Hematite should not be used in places of inflammation for long periods of time.

Chakra: 1st Root
Chakra Color: Red
Chakra Sense: “I AM”
Chakra Gland: Adrenals
Chakra Soul Issues: To be part of the living universe. 
Chemical FormulaFe2O3, α-Fe2O3
Vibrational Resonance: 9